Case Study: A fresh take on a classic process


current OHBC home page
OneHourBusinessCards’ current homepage: desperately in need of some designer love


Case Study: OneHourBusinessCards – A fresh take on a classic business process.


OneHourBusinessCards (OHBC) is a company that makes business cards for their customers. The company has a team of graphic designers that are available to work with customers in person to help with the creation of the cards. OHBC has a traditional business process where the design, pricing, ordering, and payment for the business cards are carried out in person. No online options are available for these services.

OHBC is losing market share to more modern online competitors. The company believes that they can still be competitive by updating their online presence without changing their business model.

How should OneHourBusinessCards update their website to grow their market share for business card sales?



Our approach to this problem was to focus on a redesign of the current website. The website is sorely outdated and in need of updates. Through the website redesign we were able to collect valuable user research that can be used in the future to promote conversations about business process strategy for future projects. This method for approaching OHBC’s needs enabled us to deliver 1) a strong redesign for immediate implementation and 2) a set of artifacts to be used with an iterative design process.

The following tasks were completed to deliver a proposal for the website redesign:

  • User Research
    • Identify user groups
    • User task analysis (matrix)
    • Personas
  • Design Mockups
    • Lo-fi wires
    • Hi-fi wire
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • User Testing
    • User Test Scripts
    • Testing Videos (data collection)
  • Presentation of recommended changes


My role:

For this project I was responsible for all stages of the design process. My counterpart and I worked in tandem throughout each stage to collect and organize requirements, complete tasks, and compile deliverables.



Our recommendations were presented in with a formal presentation and supplementary design documentation. This format enabled us to present our findings, open the floor for discussion post-presentation, and follow-up with the details needed to move forward to the next stages of the development life cycle process.

Please reference our redesign presentation for specifics.  

            future home page lo-fi:

OHBC - future home page

Additionally, appendix info can be found in the links below:

heuristic evaluation

user testing script & results

home page lo-fi wire

portfolio page lo-fi wire

designer page lo-fi wire

contact page lo-fi wire

portfolio page hi-fi wire


task matrix





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