Case Study: attract, engage, impress (pwd required)

Please contact me through the LinkedIn or email icons located in the bottom right of this site to request the  details for this case study. This information is confidential property of eyeQ and should not be used for any purpose other than assessing my candidacy as a designer.

This case study tells the story of designing prototypes for an attract experience within a 42” interactive electronic display that uses customer personality and demographic information to create a unique experience tailored to different individuals.

problem:  The goal of this project was to improve the waiting room experience for Ford customers in the service center area. This study aims to attract a specific user group within the Ford car shopping experience, to engage with the user for an extended period of time, and to impress them with a positive experience with Ford.

solution:  5 screen interactive CTA design at the beginning of the experience.

my role: I was the sole designer working on this project and was responsible for all facets of the design process.

deliverables: Client deliverables included in this post are screenshots of prototypes for the first five screens of the experience.


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